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of the transforming power of God's love!


The Power of God!

Anyone who denies God or His power needs to look no further. Which of these men would you want as your neighbor? It's hard to believe, but they're both the same man ... one before the power of God did its transforming work, the other after. Those who knew Dennis before are shocked to meet the new Dennis. For those who didn't know him before, it's hard to imagine his former life. From his mug shot in 2001 to his joyful life in 2009 these pictures tell it all ... God Lives! and is still doing miracles today.


I spent 30 years in bondage to alcohol and drugs. My sinful life brought such destruction to my body that at one point my own mother didn't recognize me. Even though I was in and out of jail, I always thought I could beat the system. But when I was arrested in 2001, the DA was tired of giving me a chance. Facing 2 life sentences and $80,000 in fines, I knew I was in real trouble. I finally was sentenced to 65 years, 20 of those years was trafficking which is day for day time, no good time! 

It was in the county jail that God began the work that would transform my life. One of the volunteer chaplains, Jack Price was a man who had formerly been an outlaw with me. He pleaded with me to follow Jesus. I had been saved by the faithful witness of a man in rehab, but was now beginning to get into God's Word. After 7 years in prison, God  set me free. One of my great passions was to return to the county jail that I spent so much time in to tell the men and women how God had saved me, delivered me, and is now blessing me. Today, I am a full time Chaplain in the very jail I spent so much time in. After many months in jail, I went to prison 4 days before Christmas in 2001 with 65 years and 80,000.00 in fines, and 4 days before Christmas in 2008, exactly 7 years, I walked back into the jail a changed man, preaching the good news and sharing about this awesome miracle from God, not only was my life transformed by the power of God, but I am free from both prisons. Prison was the beginning of God setting me free from the real prison I had been in for 35 years, prison to sin and the devil! Dennis and his wife Debbie now Pastor The Recovery Church they planted 7 years ago. A church that God birthed in 2010 out of this incredible story. God is still writing the book of this journey which now includes a Godly wife and Church family! They also continue the jail ministry and 4 prisons, one of them Cushing CCF  prison where Dennis spent 7 years!

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Dennis has written several chapter of his life story to glorify God for His love, mercy, and longsuffering. Seven chapters are posted-> click here.  Keep in touch for future developments the journey after prison.

"Steps of Christ Recovery"

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Foundational Concept

People don't come out of the meth world by themselves. They must be Delivered! Permanent freedom only comes by the power of God. That power is called Grace. A living relationship with Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth, and the life!

Amazing Grace

John Newton was so grateful for his deliverance from the drunken life of the captain of a slave ship that he later penned the words to the famous hymn Amazing Grace.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost, but now I'm found

Was blind, but now I see.

The same power that turned an evil slave trader into a preacher fighting for the freedom of slaves is the power that can turn a meth addict into a dynamic child of God.

Contact Information

Dennis Hall: dennis@deliveredfrommeth.com
Webmaster: dennis@deliveredfrommeth.com
If you are interested in becoming a partner in this ministry make checks to The Recovery Church, P.O. Box 2117, Duncan, OK. 73534-2117