"Castle House Story"

The Castle House is 8,000 sq. ft. with 6 large bedrooms and full baths. It has a movie theater and a 50ft. by 25ft. living area. It sets on 20 acres at the edge of town. This home is an ideal recovery home for women who've made poor choices with their lives and  now have children to raise without much help, who truly are desiring to re-build there lives. We are experiencing more and more of these ladies and we have given our lives to this ministry and desire to pour into them and their children. To break these generational curses. These ladies have never been shown how to be mothers or wives because their own families were messes growing up. The Recovery Church has purchased one recovery home and also using several rental prosperities as places for men, women, and families to get a start back into life. We are seeking to raise funds for this home and property. For more info about our vision for Duncan please contact Pastor Dennis Hall at 580-606-3784. We are the church of second chances and we believe Jesus wants us to invest into restoring families and providing for the widows and children according to James! Changing our world one heart at a time.