When I Need To Be Thankful

Gracious God, I have a great need for the spiritual renewal that takes place when I return to an attitude of gratitude. In the midst of the problems I face at this time, I need the refreshing rejuvenation that comes when I turn from my trials and focus on thanksgiving for all me blessings. You have shown me that gratitude is not only the greatest of all the virtues, but the parent of all the others. Any achievement without gratitude limps along the road of life; anything I accomplish without giving thanks becomes a source of pride. You desire my gratitude because You know it helps me grow; other people never tire of feeling the affirmation that is communicated when I express my thankfulness for them; and I require gratitude to avoid being self-serving and arrogant.

                O God, I praise You for this nation of freedom and democracy. I repent of the pride of so many who entertain the idea that we are in charge of the destiny of this land. Grant me and them the true humility that comes from acknowledging that You are the Source of all we have in the resolution of the problems I face in these rough times. In the name of my Lord Jesus. Amen

 When We Need 20/20 Spiritual Vision

 A Prayer When We Need 20/20 Hindsight: Gracious Father, Help Us to Live beyond the meager resources of our adequacies and learn that You are totally reliable when we must trust You completely. You constantly lead us into challenges and opportunities that are beyond our strength and experience. I know that in every circumstance You provide us with exactly what we need. Looking back over our lives, we know we could not have made it without Your interventions and inspiration. And when we settle back on a comfortable plateau of satisfaction, suddenly You press us on o new levels of adventure. You are a disturber of false-peace, the developer of dynamic character, and the ever-present deliver when we attempt what we could not do on our own. Sovereign of our life, we trust You, the ultimate Ruler. Give us acute hindsight so we can have 20/20 vision to see that You are at work in the shadowy realms of the often ambiguous turns of events. We grow in confidence as we remember that You have sustained us in crisis at crucial times in our lives. There is no panic in heaven; therefore, there can be peace in our souls in the midst of the human muddle of this uncertain time. You have all power, You alone are almighty, and You are able to accomplish Your purpose and plans. You rule and overrule. When circumstances bring us results that are painful, give us patience to wait for a just resolution. Your intervening power is not limited: You are able to guide us about when and how to do what is best. May this be a day in which we attempt something beyond our human adequacy and discover that You are able to provide the power to pull it off. Give us a fresh burst of excitement for the duties of this day so that we will be able to serve courageously. We will attempt great things for You and expect great things from You! Amen

He Restores My Soul

We must prayerfully cultivate this sacred confidence in the possibilities of the unlikely. We can never be successful helpers of the Lord unless we can see the diamond in the soot, And the radiant saint in the disregarded publican. It is a most gracious art to cultivate,This of discerning a man's possible excellencies even in the blackness of his present shame. To see the future best in the present worst, that is the true perception of a child of light.

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