TESTIMONIAL by Dennis Hall:

Hey friends,

After the Lord brought me to the place that I recognized my desperate need  for Him, and I “Cried Out” that He would save me, it wasn’t long afterwards that He begin to direct my steps toward the teachings of Jesus Christ through this awesome seminar called the “Basic Life Principles”. The Lord Jesus did indeed hear my cry and save my soul, but it was His Word, through the teachings of this seminar that drastically changed my life. I worked five years for Chaplain Scott Haynes while I was in prison. He has been a chaplain in prisons for over 20 years and he was so excited when he first attended this seminar. Shortly afterwards the Gothard team was at the prison and we were on our way to seeing God change many lives through the teachings of this 6 month program.  I had been searching and studying the Lord's Word for several years making small steps until  this seminar came along and I begin to understand the Lord and His Word in ways that where blind to me before. Sometimes I believe we get so lost in the deep theology of God’s Word, that we miss the practical application of the simple “Basic Life Principles” such as “Design, Authority, Responsibility, Ownership, Suffering, Moral Purity, and Success". This seminar is an in-depth study of these principles through the teachings of God’s Word, and once you understand God's seven principles,  life, and the things that happen to us, make a whole lot more sense why God allows certain things to come into our lives, and how He uses them for our character development  and spiritual growth.  It is my deepest and most sincere prayer that the Lord makes a way for each of you to be able to attend this life changing seminar. May God richly bless you in ways impossible for man to understand!  His servant…dennis hall


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